Projectroles Customization

Here you can find some customization instructions and tips for projectroles and SODAR Core.

CSS Overrides

If some of the CSS definitions in {STATIC}/projectroles/css/projectroles.css do not suit your purposes, it is possible to override them in your own includes. It is still recommended to include the “Flexbox page setup” section as provided.

In this chapter are examples of overrides you can place e.g. in project.css to change certain defaults.


While not explicitly mentioned, some parameters may require the !important argument to take effect on your site.


In the future we may instead offer a full Bootstrap 4 theme, which may deprecate current overriding/extending CSS classes.

Static Element Coloring

If you wish to recolor the background of the static elements on the page (title bar, side bar and project navigation breadcrumb), add the following CSS overrides.

.sodar-base-navbar, .sodar-pr-sidebar, .sodar-pr-sidebar-nav {
  background-color: #ff00ff;

.sodar-pr-navbar {
  background-color: #00ff00;

Title Bar

You can implement your own title bar by replacing the default base.html include of projectroles/_site_titlebar.html with your own HTML or include.

When doing this, it is possible to include elements from the default title bar separately:

  • Search form: projectroles/_site_titlebar_search.html

  • Site app and user operation dropdown: projectroles/_site_titlebar_dropdown.html

See the templates themselves for further instructions.

Extra Login View Content

If you want to provide extra content in your site’s login view, you can add custom HTML into the template file _login_extend.html in the site’s template include directory. The content will appear below the login form and its formatting is not restricted.

Custom Icon Collections

To use icons other than the default Material Design Icons collection, download the corresponding collection JSON file from the Iconify JSON repository into {SITE_NAME}/static/iconify/json. After that run collectstatic and the icons will be available using the collection identifier.

Project Breadcrumb

To add custom content in the end of the default project breadcrumb, use {% block nav_sub_project_extend %} in your app template.

The entire breadcrumb element can be overridden by declaring {% block nav_sub_project %} block in your app template.

Project and Category Display Names

If the project and category labels don’t match your use case, it is possible to change the labels displayed to the user by editing SODAR_CONSTANTS in your Django site settings file. Example:

SODAR_CONSTANTS = get_sodar_constants(default=True)
    'default': 'not-a-category',
    'plural': 'non-categories',
    'default': 'not-a-project',
    'plural': 'non-projects',

See more about overriding SODAR_CONSTANTS here.

To print out these values in your views or templates, call the get_display_name() function, which is available both as a template tag through and a general utility function in Capitalization and pluralization are handled by the function according to arguments. See the Django API documentation for details.


These changes will not affect role names or IDs and descriptions of Timeline events.