Welcome to the SODAR Core documentation!

This documentation provides instructions for integration, usage and development of reusable SODAR Core apps for projects built on the Django web server.

SODAR (System for Omics Data Access and Retrieval) is a specialized system for managing data in omics research projects.

The SODAR Core repository containes reusable and non-domain-specific apps which make up the core of the SODAR system. These apps can be used for any Django site which wants to make use of one or more of the following features:

  • Project-based user access control
  • Dynamic app content management
  • Advanced project activity logging
  • Small file uploading and browsing
  • Managing server-side background jobs
  • Caching and aggregation of data from external services
  • Tracking site information and statistics

Basics of Django site setup and instructions for third party packages used are considered out of scope for this documentation. Please refer instead to official documentation of Django and/or the packages in question.

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NOTE: To view this document in the rendered form during development, run make html in the docs directory of the repository. You can find the rendered HTML in docs/build. You will have to install system and Python dependencies, including ones in requirements/local.txt for this to work. See SODAR Core Development.

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