Timeline Installation

This document provides instructions and guidelines for installing the timeline app to be used with your SODAR Core enabled Django site.


To install this app you must have the django-sodar-core package installed and the projectroles app integrated into your Django site. See the projectroles integration document for instructions.

Django Settings

The timeline app is available for your Django site after installing django-sodar-core. Add the app into THIRD_PARTY_APPS as follows:

    # ...

You also need to add the timeline backend plugin in enabled backend plugins.

    # ...

Optional Settings

To alter default timeline app settings, insert the following optional variables with values of your choosing:

# Timeline app settings
TIMELINE_PAGINATION = 15    # Number of events to be shown on one page (int)

URL Configuration

In the Django URL configuration file, add the following line under urlpatterns to include timeline URLs in your site.

urlpatterns = [
    # ...
    url(r'^timeline/', include('timeline.urls')),

Migrate Database and Register Plugin

To migrate the Django database and register the timeline app/backend plugins, run the following management command:

$ ./manage.py migrate

In addition to the database migration operation, you should see the following output:

Registering Plugin for timeline.plugins.ProjectAppPlugin
Registering Plugin for timeline.plugins.BackendPlugin