Userprofile App

The userprofile app is a site app which provides a user profile view for projectroles compatible Django users and management of user specific settings.


It is strongly recommended to install the userprofile app into your site when using projectroles, unless you require a specific user profile providing app of your own.


To install this app you must have the django-sodar-core package installed and the projectroles app integrated into your Django site. See the projectroles integration document for instructions.

Django Settings

The userprofile app is available for your Django site after installing django-sodar-core. Add the app into THIRD_PARTY_APPS as follows:

    # ...

URL Configuration

In the Django URL configuration file, add the following line under urlpatterns to include userprofile URLs in your site.

urlpatterns = [
    # ...
    url(r'^user/', include('userprofile.urls')),

Register Plugin

To register the app plugin, run the following management command:

$ ./ syncplugins

You should see the following output:

Registering Plugin for userprofile.plugins.ProjectAppPlugin


After successful installation, the link for “User Profile” should be available in the user dropdown menu in the top-right corner of the website UI after you have logged in.

User Settings

User settings are configured in the app_settings dictionary in your project app plugins.

User settings defined in the projectroles app, available for all SODAR Core using sites:

Display Project UUID Copying Link

If set true, display a link in the project title bar for copying the project UUID into the clipboard.

Additional Email

In addition to the default user email, also send email notifications to these addresses.

In the development setup, the SODAR Core example site apps also provide additional settings for demonstrating settings features.