Getting Started

Installation and basic concepts of the SODAR Core framework and its apps are detailed in this document.


The django-sodar-core package can be installed from GitHub using pip as follows. It is strongly recommended to specify a version tag, as the package is under active development and breaking changes can be expected. PyPI install is forthcoming.

pip install -e git+

Please note that the django-sodar-core package only installs Django apps, which you need to include in a Django web site project. For instructions for integrating SODAR Core into an existing Django site or setting up a new site, see the projectroles app documentation.

SODAR Core Apps

The following Django apps will be installed when installing the django-sodar-core package:

  • projectroles: Base app for project access management and dynamic app content management. All other apps require the integration of projectroles.

  • adminalerts: Site app for displaying site-wide messages to all users.

  • bgjobs: Project app for managing background jobs.

  • siteinfo: Site app for displaying site information and statistics for administrators.

  • sodarcache: Generic caching and aggregation of data referring to external services.

  • taskflowbackend: Backend app providing an API for the optional sodar_taskflow transaction service.

  • timeline: Project app for logging and viewing project-related activity.

  • tokens: Token management for API access.

  • userprofile: Site app for viewing user profiles.


Major requirements for integrating projectroles and other SODAR Core apps into your Django site are listed below. For a complete requirement list, see the requirements and utility directories in the repository.

  • Ubuntu (16.04 Xenial recommended and supported) / CentOS 7

  • System library requirements (see the utility directory and/or your own Django project)

  • Python >=3.6 (NOTE: Python 3.5 no longer supported)

  • Django 1.11 (NOTE: 2.x not currently supported)

  • PostgreSQL >=9.6 and psycopg2-binary

  • Bootstrap 4.x

  • JQuery 3.3.x

  • Shepherd and Tether

  • Clipboard.js

  • DataTables

For more details on installation and requirements for local development, see SODAR Core Development.

Next Steps

To proceed with using the SODAR Core framework in your Django site, you must first install and integrate the projectroles app. See the projectroles app documentation for instructions.

Once projectroles has been integrated into your site, you may proceed to install other apps as needed.